Social Sundays is coming to Vic Beach!

Starting 24th February 2019!

New Season calls for not only 1 but 2 new competitions! 


Solo pairs:

Enter as an individual player (no more running around for a fill-in) and get drawn to play with a different player each week for 7 weeks. 

$10 per week

For each win you have as an individual, you gain a point over the 7 weeks. A missed game = an automatic loss and you must find a fill in and still pay for the game.

Game times from 5:00pm (30 minute time slots)

The first 7 week competition commences on Sunday February 24th and finishes Sunday April 14th (with a week off on March 10th due to Labour Day weekend)


AND due to popular demand... 


Shortened games of 3 x 9 minute thirds

Sunday Special! Only $30 a team from 3 to 6 players

Same rules as played during the week

Game times from 5:00pm (30 minute time slots)

social sundays take 4