Vic Beach Indoor Sports Centre is a multi-facet indoor sports centre.  We specialise in organising competitions for your chosen sport.

Our facilities also provide court and venue hire for schools, social groups, private functions and children’s birthday parties. We also have junior comps, coaching in Beach Volleyball, Soccer and Dodgeball.

The following policy is designed to assist the smooth running of your competition and protect the reliable majority.  It is important you read and understand the operating rules to enjoy your seasons to the fullest.


Any team who forfeits a fixture game will have the following options:

1/   we will find a team to play for you but your team is responsible for the game fee owed for that game, or

2/   Your team can play a catch up game, paying full game fees for that game to make up for game fee owing of forfeit, or

3/   Pay a forfeit fine of a FULL GAME FEE for the game forfeited.

If your team forfeits a fixture game throughout the season WITHOUT 24HRS NOTICE, a DOUBLE FORFEIT FEE will be owed by your team.  Any forfeit fees owed by your team are to be paid within 7 days and before your team’s next fixtured game.

Remember that if you call the centre if you are short players, we may be able to assist, which will lead to avoiding the above penalties.

FORFIET WINS: To receive points for a forfeit win, a team must still play their fixtured game.  We will endeavour to get an opposition team for you.  Your team will be notified if this cannot be done.

Please Note:  If a team is notified and does not play a fixtured game, they will receive 4 Win Points.



As of your team’s 3rd game in Soccer and Dodgeball, all teams must wear matching coloured/ same shade shirts.  No jeans or any footwear which is not deemed a sport shoe shall not be allowed on courts.  A jacket or jumper over a team shirt of a different shade, shall be deemed a penalty if not removed prior to the game commencing.

NOTE:  The stadium encourages all teams to wear identical shirts as it looks good and reflects a well organised team, while being an accepted sporting custom.

Uniform Penalties:

1 goal will be deducted per player without the same or similar shade shirt.



An individual player must play 4 fixtured games, win on forfeits and byes are included in this requirement, however forfeit wins and byes cannot exceed games played!

Ladder positions are decided on total points.  If any teams are level on points, the team with the greater percentage shall be the deciding factor.

In a drawn grand final for soccer the golden goal rule will apply.  For all other sports there shall be 2 x 3 mins halves played until the winner is decided.



Any player who is reported during a game by an umpire or staff member, will be suspended if found guilty by the Stadium Manager.



Abusive language:                1 Week

Playing intoxicated:              1 Week

Equipment abuse:                1 Week & Fine

Fighting:                                 Indefinite Ban

Facility Abuse:                      1 Week & Fine

General misbehaviour          1 Week

Threatening an umpire:        2 Year Ban

Assault:                  Life Ban & Legal Action


Any Player retuning after an indefinite ban, must pay a good behaviour bond for the season.  Team misbehaviour will result in the team being removed from the competition and a possible indefinite ban.



A team, which in the opinion of management is graded incorrectly, shall be regraded after round 5 of the season, or at Management’s Discretion.

A new team shall enter a grade with the same points as the lowest team in that grade, and may enter at any point in the season up to finals.  However to play in finals, a team must have joined the competition in sufficient time to play all other teams once OR at least half of the seasons games in their grade prior to finals.


As the sports at Vic Beach Geelong are of an active nature with moving equipment and participants, all players must be aware that injuries/accidents may occur.

Vic Beach does not have player insurance, so all participants play at their own risk.  Due to the large increase of insurance fees, this was deemed necessary.

Vic Beach Indoor Sport Centre does its best to make your playing time safe and enjoyable by using softer balls and providing safe equipment.  Don’t contribute to the task of injury by being reckless with equipment or careless with your actions.  Play games with logical caution and enjoy


Ensure your registration form has been filled out correctly.  Familiarise yourself with your teams work, social & other sporting commitments.  We need to know this information before we complete your fixtures to ensure your team’s availability. A great idea is to get together in the bar after you game to discuss the time and date of you next game and to arrange fill in players if needed.  Fill in players “permanent” or just one off, are available on request if adequate notice is given to Management.  Collect your team’s game fees before each game. 

Get a copy of all player’s contact details.